A child’s perspective

The use of technology and how dependent we are all to it now days is a topic I really wanted to look at for this blog post. I decided to interview my younger brother Lachlan (9 years old) about his views on technology and the future. I thought a child’s perspective would be interesting, particularly since children are so easily influenced and I wanted to see if his perspective was different to what I knew at his age, ten years ago. I firstly asked “what is technology?” his response was “Ipads and gadgets…anything that uses power” As a kid who loves playing on his ipad and family computer for hours, I think this actually sums up the question really well, especially considering the answer to the same question in the Hybrid By Nature lecture was “gadgets, devices, machines, appliances and electronics’ Comparing this to myself and how often I used technology at his age 10 years ago, the use of technology has dramatically increased. I used to play on the computer for 1hr or at 2hrs being the absolute maximum time limit, comparing to now, 10 years later with not only children but adults becoming so dependant and ‘hooked’ on technology and gadgets using them for hours and hours daily. There are great benefits for my brother using the ipad frequently such as the ability to skype one of his close friends who moved to china last year, as well as educational games and games that allow him to be creative. However I think children are starting to use technology as a source of entertainment more often, instead of using their imaginations or playing outside and being creative with toys like I used to. My brother and his friends all play sport together as a team and have fun playing with scooters or jumping on the trampoline outside, just as I used to as a child, however technology is something they are still all addicted to as well. It’s about finding the right balance between the two. I further asked his view on global warming/The Anthropocene and what he knew about it. He told me that he knew pollution contributed to global warming and therefore heats up the world. When I asked “what do you think the future will be like?” he responded with “there will be cars that are better for the environment”. I was pleasantly surprised with this answer as I was half expecting to hear something along the lines of space ships and floating cars, but mentioning environmentally friendly cars being something mechanics and scientists are actually working on for the future was a really great answer to the question. I think it’s great a school is teaching about global warming and environmental sustainability as the actions and choices we make today do have an impact on the world and the future.  I was not sure what would happen when I asked a child some pretty big questions however I was really pleased at all the responses.


L. Ronning (2014, pers. comm., 16th October)


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